Chelsea Have Become the English Version of Bayern Munich

Published on 04-May-2015 by srijan213
Soccer / Soccer Daily Opinion


It's been obvious for a while, and now Chelsea have officially claimed the Premiership crown.

The Blues took care of business against Crystal Palace, 1-0, to fufill their season's destiny.

Star performances have been in abundance, but one man has his Blue darker than anyone else: Eden Hazard.

There he was, merrily dashing toward the Eagles’ net:

With the league title on the line, maybe Hazard went to the turf a bit too easily, but he got the call, and then he stayed on point:

Hazard's not missed many penalties this season, but who cares if he can score right after.

Now, if they want, Chelsea can play their fans on the pitch, and they can finally start driving that damn bus again. The parking thing was getting annoying.

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