Chelsea Cops a Point at Anfield

Published on 31-Jan-2017 by srijan213

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Chelsea Cops a Point at Anfield

No Premiership club will be happier to see January in its rear-view mirror than Liverpool.

It could've been worse when league-leading Chelsea came to town.

However, in the big picture of a full season, it didn't get any better.

A 1-1 home draw just doesn't cut it, but it's history now. No matter what the Reds have done in 2017, they can't buy a break.

After an energetic start, it appeared the 'Pool was gonna take this game by the throat. Dudes commanded possession through the first quarter-hour and then some.

And then, in the 24th minute, David Luiz came up with this missile of a free kick:

Damn. Just missing a bean on the wall. Just clipping an inside post. A typical Brazilian free kick, isn’t it?

Don't know which soccer god Jürgen Klopp pissed off, but the vengance seems never-ending.


Liverpool fought back, however, as Georgino Wijnaldum struck just before the hour to bring the Reds level.

It's accurate to say the Dutchman and his mates took advantage of a chaotic moment, starting with how dude got possession of the ball:

When was the last time Chelsea's defense was that loose?

Still, the drama of clinging to a point -- a home point -- came down to the 'Pool's 'keeper, Simon Mignolet, coming up huge in the 75th minute with Diego Costa at the spot:

So there it was. The Blues admittedly were not at their best, the Reds looked as good on the attack as they had all month, and when the whistle blew, Liverpool were right back where they started before the kickoff.

With Watford shocking Arsenal in London and Spurs held to a scoreless draw by a band of Black Cats desperate to avoid the drop, Chelsea actually emerged in slightly better shape:

Premiership standings

A three-game pad at the top's gotta be comforting for Chelsea.

Meanwhile, Liverpool's looking in another rear-view mirror, this one to see who's gaining on them for a spot in Europe next year.