Liverpool Thrown to the Wolves by the Wolves

Published on 28-Jan-2017 by srijan213

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Liverpool Thrown to the Wolves by the Wolves

Talk about New Year's resolutions being abandoned at warp speed ...

Jürgen Klopp & Co broke theirs faster than fat dudes near a refrigerator.

This week alone, Liverpool first tumbled out of the League Cup after they lost, 0-1, to Southampton. That capped an 0-2 aggregate.

At least Saints are a first-division side.

But Wolverhampton? In the FA Cup? At Anfield?

Well, that was just about it in the good fortune department.

Full marks to a once-feared Wolves side that's now struggling to stay in the Championship:

wolverhampton wolves

The 'Pool might just be the hardest working team among the Premiership's giants. They're not ones to toss out much dosh, but while that hasn’t been their philosophy, it may be time for a change.


Dudes came roaring outta December, winning four on the trot.

Since then, like, zounds!

  2 January ... Premiership Sunderland 2-2 Liverpool
  8 January ... FA Cup Liverpool 0-0 Plymouth Argyle
11 January ... League Cup Southampton 1-0 Liverpool
15 January ... Premiership Manchester United 1-1 Liverpool
18 January FA Cup Plymouth Argyle 0-1 Liverpool
21 January Premiership Liverpool 2-3 Swansea
25 January League Cup Liverpool 0-1 Southampton
28 January FA Cup Liverpool 1-2 Wolverhampton

That's one triumph -- over a squad sitting second in the fourth division League Two -- and only two Premiership points, with one coming against a Black Cat club that's barely in the 'Ship right now.

Then there were the Saints, whose Shane Long did his bit to put paid to Liverpool's domestic cup hopes:

Didn't we just see that from the Wolves?

In a month that proved they should take nothing for granted, how did the 'Pool not see them coming?

That'd do it.

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