Arsenal Hits Its Targets This Time

Published on 1-Nov-2015 by srijan213

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Arsenal Hits Its Targets This Time

After a humiliating defeat in the League Cup, the Arsenal made sure to pepper the bullseye this time.

The Gunners had zero problem shelling Swansea as they posted a 0-3 pasting on their Welsh invasion.

Swans have a rep of being the underdog that humbles giants, but their spell ran out of magic against the Londoners. Perhaps this was just bad timing, as Arsenal was out to save face and made sure no star player was left behind in their starting lineup.

It was Arsenal’s unsung hero, Olivier Giroud, who fired home the first successful salvo:

Heading is a dying art these days.

And then began the Comedy Central show at Liberty Stadium:

A stand-up act? More like stand-down.

Arsenal had more in mind than just two, though, as new boy Joel Campbell showed why he joined the cast:

Arsenal win wile José Mourinho’s Chelskis lose. It must be a sunny day in Gunner land.