League Cup Jinx Hits Arsenal

Published on 28-Oct-2015 by srijan213

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League Cup Jinx Hits Arsenal

Last time around, it was Manchester United. Now, it's Arsenal’s.

The high-flying Gunners got taken to ground to the tune of a 3-0 League Cup elimination by Championship side Sheffield Wednesday.

Maybe the Premiership giants don't take it seriously enough, but the League Cup gets its revenge by crossing off a big name in the early stages ever year.

Arsenal was beaten at its own game as Wednesday passed the hell out of the ball before Ross Wallace opened the scoring:

The Owls sure don't look like a second-tier middle-of-the-table side in that sequence.

Arsenal seems to have given its defense a day off:

Petr Čech is no Keylor Navas, it seems. Lucas João didn't mind.

And for the coup de grace, Sam Hutchinson must've thought scoring on Arsenal was like taking candy from a baby:

It seems like Arsenal not only gave its star players a day off, but also its defensive mantras.


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