Ovechkin Splits the Dif to Score a Stunning Goal

Published on 3-May-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Ovechkin Splits the Dif to Score a Stunning Goal

It shouldn't be lost that the New York Rangers won Game 2 of their second-round Stanley Cup playoff against the Washington Capitals.

But the way the Caps made it close was the takeaway.

Henrik Lundqvist had a superb game between the pipes for the Blueshirts, but his self-appointed kryptonite came calling once again, and in spectacular fashion.

Combine that with this goal and the fact that Ovi's scored in every game on Rangers' ice this season ...

And there's back-up to his chirping at King Henrik:


To date, the Russian heatseeker has never seen a third round in Cup playoffs. But first-year Caps coach Barry Trotz has put him back on the left wing, where he thrives. That helped Trotz get Ovechkin to buy in to playing at Level 10 on both sides of the ice, which has resulted in his best all-around season yet.

In the equitable East this spring, Washington's in the mix to keep on playing. So, dude's got a shot.

And, along that line, what a shot!