Ovie's Latest Deke-&-Drive Pads His Highlight Reel

Published on 21-Nov-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Ovie's Latest Deke-&-Drive Pads His Highlight Reel

The NHL's most flambouyant and productive sniper der Zeit was at it again last night.

Alex Ovechkin deked, drove, and scored on the rebound to clinch the extra point in a 3-2 overtime victory over the Colorado Avalanche.

It was Ovie at his best.

There are simply times when the Rushin' Russian won't be denied. In the wake of a three-game goal drought -- and eternity for the Capitals winger -- he saw his moment, even though there were three opponents between him and Goal No 9 on the season. So he took it:

Check out the deke from two other angles:

New Caps coach Barry Trotz is a D-first kind of dude, but even he realized that Washington is at its best when Ovechkin is left free to roam.

After all, why mess with a body of work like this:

Really? Greatest goal in NHL history? Well, for sheer athletic ability, degree of difficulty, and artistry, yes.

Yes it was.

Ovechkin THE GOAL