Jágr Un-Retires from Czech National Team; Ready for Worlds

Published on 26-Apr-2015 by Alan Adamsson
NHL / NHL Daily Review

Never too old.

Not really, but kinda, Gordie Howe kept lacing them up until he was almost 70.

The way Jaromír Jágr's going, he just might match that.

So what was he thinking when he announced his retirement from international play last spring?

The ageless Czech was apparently wondering that, himself. And then he un-retired and is headed to this year's World Championships. It probably helped that they're being staged in his home country.

Dude's been consistently useful wherever he went. And he's the Energizer Bunny of went ...

The Panthers have now signed him for another season, because there's no end in sight to his iconoclastic productivity:

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