What Exactly Is Wrong With The Packers?

Published on 20-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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What Exactly Is Wrong With The Packers?

All is not well in Green Bay.

The Pack is currently sporting an ugly 4-5 mark after their third consecutive loss, a road beating administered by the Tennessee Titans.

This record is all the more disturbing when you consider the Super Bowl expectations placed upon the team before the season.

The organization as a whole seems to be suffering from a crippling malaise, and there is no clear answer as to why.

Aaron Rodgers seems to be receiving the brunt of the criticism, even indirectly from teammates.

While his numbers aren't particularly bad, something is not quite right. Dude's QB rating that used to live in the triple digits is currently in the low- to mid-90's.

The injuries certainly haven't helped, but the leadership questions are more alarming.

Recently, Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb discussed team chemistry and the importance of sticking together.

This was interpreted by some as an indirect jab at Mr Rodgers, who has a perceived history of avoiding blame and responsibility for team performance.

It would appear Rodgers and Cobb aren't as tight as their off-season forays would suggest.

The culpability is not exclusive to the field, either.

Head coach Mike McCarthy isn't the most popular dude in Wisconsin at the moment and is being roasted in some circles for his lack of direction or a clue.

Rodgers and McCarthy have been together for some time, and while they did win a Super Bowl in 2010, their relationship has often been contentious.

Whether a change is necessary or not, the entire organization needs to snap out of their current lethargic state before this season gets away from them.

Someone has a case of the Mondays.