Aaron Rodgers Turns to Booze for Solace

Published on 18-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Aaron Rodgers Turns to Booze for Solace

The Green Bay Packers looked really bad in their home loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Under normal circumstances, quarterback Aaron Rodgers would not be a source of blame.

However, these are not normal circumstances.

The big guy played one of the worst games of his possibly Hall of Fame career against the Cowboys, even drawing the ire of the cheese-gorged faithful at Lambeau Field.

So what's a former Super Bowl MVP QB to do?

Why, consume some scotch, of course.

It doesn't appear Rodgers is planning a hard core bender or bar crawl through downtown Green Bay. The plan is to enjoy some scotch while viewing the game film, which will no doubt play like a horror flick.

Well? That's Jon Gruden back there!

You can't say it's not creepy.

Anyway, the Pack's slinger is definitely struggling, even by conventional standards, and this dip in production extends back to last season.

Mr Rodgers doesn't typically panic and even encourages overwrought fans and media to relax.

But the Packer offense is dysfunctional at the moment, and Rodgers is turning the ball over and missing open receivers far too often.

Perhaps he should put down the glass and seek solace in the arms of the ravishing Olivia Munn.

That should do the trick.