Welcome to Super Bong XLVIII

Published on 28-Jan-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Welcome to Super Bong XLVIII

The moment Richard Sherman's tipped pass landed in the hands of teammate Malcolm Smith last Sunday and Seattle joined Denver as a combatant in Super Bowl XLVIII, you just knew there would be a different air about the game.

And it didn't take long for the punsters to proclaim the obvious.

High times are in full bloom.

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So why wouldn't we expect at least one coach to get into the act? And why wouldn't that coach be fun lovin' Pete Carroll?

The Seahawks coach, who is considered by most as a free spirit, said the NFL should consider using medical marijuana to treat injured players.

“I would say that we have to explore and find ways to make our game a better game and take care of our players in whatever way possible,” Carroll told ESPN.

“Regardless of what other stigmas might be involved, we have to do this because the world of medicine is doing this.”

Can you imagine the NFL saying yes to this? 48 other states, not to mention the feds, haven't quite officially bought into the attitudes in Colorado and Washington. The Commish did open the door last week, saying "We will follow medicine, and if they determine this could be a proper usage in any context, we will consider that."

Then came the cop out:

"Our medical experts are not saying that right now."

So the chattering class has been waiting for a comment like Carroll's:

Medical marijuana has shown to be a great healer if used the right way for the right reasons, but please; we're talking about football players here. Do we honestly think there won't be abuse?

Then again, many athletes freely and openly take liberties with other mind- and performance-altering substances such as alcohol, even weenie booze like Bud Light. Maybe it is time to level the playing field.

Peyton Manning weed

Whatever the outcome, leave it to sports to put another burning social issue on Front Street. It will no doubt provide much food -- or in this case, many munchies -- for thought on a cold, crisp February day.

So have another hit:

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