Watch Playoff Football the Right Way

Published on 10-Jan-2014 by Andy ForWhatItsWorth

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Watch Playoff Football the Right Way

As a true football fan, you just can’t take your mind off the NFL playoffs. 

But the problem is you don’t have a team in the dance. Your dog didn’t get invited to the hunt. Let’s face it – that kind of takes the luster off the games. 

The best viewing-guide advice?

The good old art form of prognostication. Laying it on the line by predicting who’s gonna win. Yes – out loud and to people you know.  Maybe even put it in writing. But I’m not talking about putting any greenbacks down on it. Far be it for me to tell you to put your money where your mouth is. I’m just talking about personal football integrity, that’s all!

And don’t worry if your prediction comes up short. There are plenty of ways to save face. There’s the simple mea culpa of “Wow, I didn’t see that coming.” 

But I promise there will be room for the “if only” defense. “If only the quarterback didn’t throw three interceptions, the game would have turned out exactly as I predicted!” (Forget the fact that you probably should have predicted that the quarterback would throw three interceptions, especially if his name begins with an Andy and ends with a Dalton.)

Then there’s the “game of inches” defense. There’s more than likely going to be a key play that came oh-so-close to going your team’s way, which would have changed the entire complexion.

There’s the “deflect and divert” tactic. This usually starts with, “Yeah, well, next week they’re gonna run into a buzzsaw by the name of Seattle’s defense.” So even if you were wrong, move on to next week as quickly as possible.

No doubt there will be “excuses” to be found. The referees, the weather, poor tackling, a rookie mistake.

Predicting is prideful and virtually risk-free. And a surefire way for all you all you fans of Miami Loserville to stay in the game!