The Longest Yard: The Rolando McClain Version

Published on 11-Apr-2013 by Davis McGregor

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The Longest Yard: The Rolando McClain Version

If anyone has ever told you that a criminal record will ruin your career, they’re wrong.

And if you don’t believe that, then just ask the Ravens' new linebacker Rolando McClain. 

McClain has as many arrests as he does tackles over his life span, but that didn’t stop the former first rounder from getting a new deal from the Ravens. Kinda surprising the Raiders let go of a guy with that kind of rap sheet, considering they have always been a home for convict players. Nevertheless, Oakland managed to cut ties, which put Rolando right in the spot Ray Lewis used to hold.

Hate to break this to John Harbaugh, but just because McClain and Ray Lewis have both committed serious crimes, it doesn't mean they are both great ball players. Ray Lewis is a legend, and no matter anyone’s opinion on his personal life, that’s a fact.

Lewis, Terrell Suggs, and Ed Reed have created a dynasty defense on this Baltimore team that is starting to fall apart. Lewis is retired and Reed is headed to Houston, so lonely Terrell is left to pull together all the new pieces of this defense and turn it into a championship team.

Lets hope Rolando McClain is up to the challenge with Terrell Suggs, because his contract doesn’t pay him enough. With so much money going into quarterback Joe Flacco’s new contract, it’s surprising that Baltimore was able to squeak out the $700,000 to sign McClain. Then again, for a dude who blamed the devil for his deviance, any coin is good coin these days.

A Ravens repeat is once in a blue moon, so let's be real and assume this is a rebuilding year for Baltimore. Most likely, they'll draft Matt Elam at safety, which should help keep the Ed Reed loss from hurting too badly. But unless Flacco plans on suiting up for the defense, its gonna be a long season for him, Suggs, and the newly-added Rolando McClain.