Texans Bench Brock; Savage Seals the Deal

Published on 19-Dec-2016 by CJ

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Texans Bench Brock; Savage Seals the Deal

Nobody's gonna mistake the AFC South for being a strong division.

While 8-6 would see most teams playing golf in January, the same record would have a team tied for first with that crowd.

The bumblers leading the way right now are the Houston Texans, who are looking to repeat as division champs.

One would think that the QB of a first-place team wouldn’t have to worry about his job.

For most slingers, that’s true, but those dudes aren't Brock Osweiler.

The Texans signed the former Gonzaga Bulldog basketball commit away from the Broncos on a jaw-dropping four-year, $72million; proof yet again that drug-testing should extend to front office personnel.

In Brock Lobster, Bill O’Brien and the Texans organization believed they had found their new franchise QB. Woulda been cool if they'd actually spoke with him first, but hey, this is the way of The Shield.

Unfortunately for Houston, Osweiler's been more Bad Brock than Ballin’ Brock. As early as October, there was talk of the Texas having buyer’s remorse about giving him the keys to the franchise.

Entering Week 15, dude had a TD-INT ratio of 14:14, along with compiling the 28th-ranked completion percentage in the league.

Facing the Texans were the lowly, two-win Jaguars. While the Jax-men are waiting for the season to end, Houston needed a Dub to keep pace with the similarly mediocre 8-6 Titans.

In a quasi-must-win game, Osweiler looked beyond bad yet again. Through less than two quarters of action, he went a mere 6-11 through the sky, throwing two interceptions. The Texans found themselves down 13-0 to a Jags team with the second-worst record in the league.

O’Brien decided that he was well past done with the season slipping away and promptly benched Osweiler for Tom Savage. The former Rutgers and Pitt product then proceeded to lead the Texans to a 21-20 comeback victory.

Savage completed 23 of 36 passes for 260 yards. While he didn’t throw for any touchdowns, he also didn’t cost the Texans with any picks. Dude did do his bit to cost Gus Bradley his job, though.

Thus, they're still top dogs in the AFC South, but Houston' season may ultimately come down to a Week 17 winner-take-all game in Tennessee.

Should they go back to the Brockster and hope he can find his form in time?

Wait a minute. Dude never had any form this season.

So now, they'll roll the dice again with Macho Man 2.0 Tom Savage

Either way, the Texans are gonna be stuck with dishing Osweiler lotsa dosh over the next few seasons.