Jags Fire Bradley; London Remains Calm

Published on 18-Dec-2016 by J Square Humboldt

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Jags Fire Bradley; London Remains Calm

Maybe it's because the English have already endured one helluva winter of discontent.

Whatever the reason, they certainly taking the news of Gus Bradley's dismissal well.

One would think a major move by a team the NFL keeps forcing down their throats would be a cause of concern.

But London's holding up quite nicely, thank you very much.

Jags fans in the Jax, though, not so much.

This franchise came to life because the two cities targeted for expansion by the NFL assumed all they had to do was show up with free beer or something. They were so unorganized, the league virtually had no choice but to take Jacksonville.

That sort of backhanded entrance seems to have set the tone for everything else the Jags have done since then.

Bradley was the highly accomplished DC for Pete Carroll's Seattle Seahawks, freshly removed from helping to engineer a massive victory in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Dude actually had that part of the equation sorted in north Florida:

NFL defensive rankings

And while he wasn't exactly the NFL's version of Les Miles ...

NFL offensive rankings

... it was close enough that the die was cast.


After all, the only stat that counts is W-L, and there, Bradley's Jags were 14-48. No NFL coach with a career of 60+ games has compiled a worse record.

But at least now, dude can be home for the holidays. Maybe he and his family can get together with Jeff Fisher and his.