Super Bowl 50 Super Rhyme Time

Published on 7-Feb-2016 by Spock1

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Super Bowl 50 Super Rhyme Time

'Twas the night 'fore Super Bowl 50
And all through the Bay Area
Brand ambassadors were working the crowds
From San Francisco to Santa Clara

The big, boss new stadium
Whose glaring white kliegs
Brought danger to the skies
And riches to the league's coffers

Not quite all of the bay area contracted Super Bowl fever.

To win a ticket to the Super Bowl
Every fan's dream
Ain't as easy at arriving at the box office
Because the crowds are so mean

Only the well connected ever land tickets to the big show.

All wanting a berth
To see the Broncos play the Panthers
They begin to press and trample afoot

But alas on this day Levi's Stadium
Like all of the real estate
In the host team's former home city
Yet with the same namesake
'Tis 'ere reserved for the 1%
And not no Walter Mitty

Not the most proper diction
But this is no fiction
To land tickets to the Super Bowl
You got to be someone important like Nixon
Or else some very hot vixen

Only celebrities, the rich and hot babes get to see the Super Bowl live:(

So what's the point of this post, you enquire?
It's to inspire you who aspire
To such a post as a Tricky Dick
Or do you want to be the latter?

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