Broncos Ride Chaos Theory into Super Bowl L ... As in 50

Published on 25-Jan-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Broncos Ride Chaos Theory into Super Bowl L ... As in 50

As usual, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady got the headlines.

But it was the Denver Bronco defense that got the job done.

And, of all things, a missed extra point from the NFL's newly-decreed distance of 15+7+10=32 yards set a chain of events in motion that sealed the deal for the Broncos to make travel plans for Santa Clara in two weeks.

Stephen Gostkowski picked a helluva time to shank his first PAT kick in nine years.

And to think Minnesota's botched last-second field goal attempt against Seattle was even closer.

And so, like that proverbial butterfly flapping its wings in China causing El Chapo to think an interview with Sean Penn was a good idea, the Patriots were chasing that error all the way to the bitter end, ie- going for two in the last seconds in a vain effort to avoid a 20-18 loss:

Anyway, that misguided excurision into science defiance kinda took the shine off a pretty cool 4th-&-Desperation mid-range bomb that Rob Gronkowski hauled in to set up the Pats' last-minute touchdown:

Tom Brady to Gronk on 4th AFC Championship

It was one of the few times Brady remained on his feet.

Brady hit and hit and hit

As the NFL so desperately wants to be accepted by a global sporting public, let's take a look at how one element of that crowd described the whole thing:

Add a pompous Roman numeral to that.