Should the NFL Punish Jerry Jones?

Published on 8-Aug-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Should the NFL Punish Jerry Jones?

Here's the good news:

No strippers were harmed by the making of those photos.

We assume.

By now, everyone has seen Jerry Jones with his hands full and his jewels crowned, compliments of two young ladies who were most likely just taking care of business and working overtime.

Jones hasn't said a word about the pics, but the young ladies have and they aren't pleased.

They admitted there was a lot of alcohol around, can't remember most of the evening, and so they didn't know -- or in this case -- didn't realize pictures were being taken. The ladies have retained lawyers to take down the pics.

Erased from cyberspace? Yeah, right. Like those TMZ stamps will just wilt in the microchips.

Jerry Jones's strippers

The pictures are said to be five years old and were allegedly part of an extortion setup. So, should the NFL investigate and then punish the Cowboys owner?

Or has Roger Goodall's statute of limitations expired on this one?

Jones technically didn't do anything wrong, but as a public figure, he certainly wasn't doing himself or the NFL any favors.

Remember a few years ago, when Pacman Jones was with the Cowboys, Jones had hired bodyguards to keep him out of trouble. That certainly went according to plan, didn't it?

No wonder Jerry Jones can't get out of his own way.

But if the NFL is serious about cleaning up its image, what should it do about this 71-year-old embarrassment of an owner? Roger Goodall should fine him for turning the Cowboys into a below average team, but I digress.

It will be interesting to see if the NFL actually says anything to Jones, because this wasn't his first rodeo. It may be time for that great protector of American morality -- the NFL -- to step in and do what it does best.

Apply the ol' double standard.

So remember out there, strippers should be treated just like NFL cheerleaders. They're there to tempt, but don't touch. Unless you can afford it.