Randy Hanson: Raider for Life; Similar Someday to His Jail Sentence?

Published on 30-Apr-2013 by Davis McGregor

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Randy Hanson: Raider for Life; Similar Someday to His Jail Sentence?

Once a Raider, always a Raider. And that probably isn’t a good thing.

Since the coaching days of Al Davis, the Oakland Raiders have had a fairly accurate stereotype about them. People think all they do is draft thug players with rap sheets longer than the football itself. And those people are right.

Just look at some of the players who have worn the silver-and-black in the last few years. Rolando McClain went to jail for assault and resisting arrest. JaMarcus Russell, arrested for possession of Purple Drank (that’s the street name for codeine for all the non-Raiders reading this). And now, Randy Hanson, arrested for assault.

Ex-coach Hanson was nicked from a bar by police in San Luis Obispo after hitting another man with a beer bottle. There are only so many reasons why he would attack a random man in a bar with a beer bottle, but I think I have an idea. This fight was his audition to the Raiders.

After being put on a paid leave of absence for a more than questionable incident, Hanson was moved to Oakland’s scouting staff. His starting up a bar fight might just be his way of showing the Raider front office that he still has what it takes to rep the Black Hole.

Well, at least it seemed like he did. Until he testified to the police that he didn't remember attacking the man due to his wine-induced blackout. Just a tip: if you're trying to impress anyone with a bar fight, never mention the fact that you were sipping on a little Chardonnay. Unless you're using a straw or a beer bong.

If that’s the truth, than kudos to Hanson for coming up with the most creative job application in recent years. But with his facing felony charges after this fight, Hanson’s becoming as useful to the Raiders as the 300lb first rounder they drafted back in ’07.