Quelle Surprise! Judge Stuffs Goodell & Co

Published on 3-Sep-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Quelle Surprise! Judge Stuffs Goodell & Co

The Shield's new slogan under Roger Goodell's reign should be arbitrary and capricious.

If nothing else, a federal judge just confirmed it.

But there was something else. Tom Brady is back in business.

Both at work and on the home front.

Of course, the NFL is gonna waste more of its excessive profits by filing an appeal.

But their legal beagles will need to dig deep to find precedents that can trump key details like:

  • The proverbial smoking gun linking Brady to the air loss,
  • Denying Brady and his legal team access to evidence in the matter,
  • The NFL's own punishment policies that are in place, which give no provisions for such a harsh penalty, and
  • Failure to notify Brady that such a harsh penalty was even a possibe outcome.

The concept that they're not a law unto themselves remains a reach for The Commish and his merry band of 1%ers. This isn't the first time they've been swatted down by objective third parties, and there's no indication they've learned anything from it.

Hell, even General Dreedle could understand the PR combover as a fallback position: