Match Made in Heaven: Silver & Black to Sin City

Published on 27-Apr-2016 by CJ

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Match Made in Heaven: Silver & Black to Sin City

This past January, the NFL finally got the Los Angeles monkey off its back.

For 20-plus years, Tinseltown had gone without a team. Not that anyone there really noticed.

But now, the city would have a team to call its own again.

Ironically, that would be the one that arrived from the pre-Rust Belt in 1946 and set up shop in 1994.

Return with us now to the days of yestermonth, when the LA Rams came back:

In being force-fed Stan Kroenke's Inglewood stadium plan, the league shot down the LA dreams of the two other potential suitors. Just as ironically, one of them was the other club that spent part of its existence there: The current Oakland Raiders.

As part of the NFL’s decision, the Raiders have the option to join the Rams in LA. However, the Chargers have first pick.

Much like his father Al, current Raiders owner Mark Davis wasn't content with the league’s rejection of his LA plans. But instead of suing the league like his dad, Mark has simply opted to look for other viable locations for which to move his team.

There was speculation earlier in the year that Davis might take his team to San Antonio, but those talks have died down recently.

What other Western city could house an NFL team?

It would need to be big, bright, and have lots of people willing to spend shiploads of money.

Kinda like Las Vegas.

Back in February, Davis mentioned how Sin City absolutely fit the definition of an NFL city. After all, it's in a state where prostitution is legal. Even for sex.

Dude might be serious:

Davis will be in attendance at the city council meeting tonight where the topic of discussion is the approval of a $1.3billion, 65,000-seat domed stadium close to Vegas strip.

Dude's claiming that if the stadium is approved, he'll jump at the opportunity to move his Raiders to the Nevada desert.

NFL Comissioner & Imperial Poobah Roger Goodell previously decreed he'd green light a potential Raiders move to Vegas, as long as it passes a vote of the owners. As if.

Goodell did keep a straight face when he pointed out the potential problem of having North America's non-tribal gambling hub having its own football team.

There's also the issue of the Raiders recently re-signing their lease with the Oakland Coliseum, but the deal only lasts for this upcoming season. After that, the Raiders are free to plunder whatever city they have their eyes set on.

As much as this move sounds sooo appropriate, the Raiders without Oakland doesn’t seem right.

Where else in the world do you get fans like this?