The Raiders Stay in Oakland Because ... Just Because

Published on 11-Feb-2016 by J Square Humboldt

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The Raiders Stay in Oakland Because ... Just Because

The Silver & Black's Commitment to Excellence isn't what it used to be, but its commitment to Oakland is.

For one more year, anyway.

And that's because the NFL's commitment to hating the Raiders is as strong as ever.

Al Davis never bought into their corporate line of peddling the game as physical ballet. When he told his team to just win, baby, he meant it with all his street-fighting heart.

Gotta love a dude who never went button-down vanilla.

We don't take what the defense gives us. We take what we want
                                                                   -- Al Davis

That's what he did when Oakland -- and later, LA -- balked at stadium improvements, and that's what confirmed to Stan Kroenke that he could do the same thing.

So now the other NFL owners are taking it out on his kid, who just doesn't seem to have inherited his daddy's edge.

Al encouraged his players to date cheerleaders. Mark ... well ...

Mark Davis at Hooters

Do Marcel Reese and George Atkinson really look like they're wearing gang gear? Seems like their work clothes, actually, but not to other NFL owners.

In fact, that's one of the reasons they gave for nixing the Raiders' bid to return to Los Angeles. That must've sounded novel to MLB and the NHL.

And does that mean if the Crips start donning Rams blue, the NFL will tell Kroenke to ship the club back to St Louis?

So Davis gets to stay in a stadium where the sewers back up. Given the way the league treats him, at least he's used to it.