Janay Rice Goes on the Offensive

Published on 1-Dec-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Janay Rice Goes on the Offensive

If anyone's recollections need to be heard, it's the attack victim.

And Ray Rice's wife sounds compelling.

Dumb decisions turned molehills into mountains, and dumber actions ensued.

Both she and her husband have admitted to them, with the latter taking full responsibility with nary an excuse being put forward. Because no excuse is justifiable.

If only the Commish was as forthright.

Part 2 will be released tomorrow.

The former federal judge who served as arbitrator has all but flushed Roger Goodell's cred in her ruling. It's actually better that way. He's done such a good job of doing it himself, no further assistance is needed.

As the aftermath matures, teams whose own interests supersede social mores have begun to broach the concept of signing the former Raven RB. However, indications are he's still white-hot enough that a signing would occur next summer at the earliest.

Then there's this:

Meanwhile, the NFL can run all the public service announcements it wants. Nobody believes for a moment the campaign remains nothing more than a CYA for its brand and prime poobah.

Thus, the irony is complete. The NFL trivialized this matter in the beginning, and by reprehensibly hiding behind it now, the trivialization continues.