Former Ole Miss Point Guard Does a 180 on Sam's Kiss

Published on 15-May-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Former Ole Miss Point Guard Does a 180 on Sam's Kiss

So are we going to believe Ole Miss point guard Marshall Henderson this time?

He was notorious for his antics on and off the court while with the Rebels. He was in the forefront Monday for what he posted on Twitter about Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend after he was drafted.

Henderson tweet 1

Then Henderson used a 'dog ate my homework' excuse for why he slurred Sam, claiming he did it for a friend who is gay for his psychology paper.

Henderson tweets 2-4

Really, dude? That's the best excuse that you could come up with?

Henderson was a badass in college. Matter of fact, he was suspended a couple of times for drugs, including last year, but was allowed back on the team for his senior season.

He seemed to have to calmed down somewhat, or so it seems, but this incident Monday proves he's still the same little immature punk he was at Ole Miss.

Which is probably one of the main reasons he'll be playing basketball overseas instead of the NBA.

But as someone said on Twitter Monday, if he has a problem with two men kissing, he might want to stay on the straight and narrow so he won't have to experience that in prison.