Did the Eagles Make a Mistake by Releasing DeSean Jackson?

Published on 31-Mar-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Did the Eagles Make a Mistake by Releasing DeSean Jackson?

The NFL is still a buzz with DeSean Jackson news.

After he was released Friday by the Eagles, everybody and their momma seem interested in the star wideout, despite rumors he might have a gang affiliation.

The two names that pop up the most are the Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders.

But one thing is for sure, a number of fans and even some NFL players have questioned the sanity of the Philadelphia Eagles for cutting Jackson.

Since Philadelphia cut him, former teachers, friends and even the LAPD have all come to Jackson's defense, denying he was involved in gang activity. Which makes the Eagles look dumb. They've been saying they had proof that the man was involved in illegal activity, but it looks like they were wrong.

So dumb, that there are now questions why they cut Jackson, but kept Riley Cooper, who used that word last summer.

In fact, Cooper got a raise. Jackson, on the other hand, may have been cut for other reasons, so it's quizzical why the team let the gang-related angle make the headlines.

Now, unless team chemistry was affected or the move was financially motivated, it looks like the Eagles made a mistake, which could cost them dearly down the line. And if Jackson has anything to say about it, it may cost the Eagles twice a year if he signs with the Redskins. The shoe could be on the other foot.