Cris Collingsworth Eviscerates Bill Simmons via Twitter

Published on 16-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Cris Collingsworth Eviscerates Bill Simmons via Twitter

Social media presents the ultimate platform for criticism delivered from a safe distance.

Even more specifically, Twitter provides the most efficient means to blast someone in the moment.

Bill Simmons has used this medium rather effectively over the years, but his snark occasionally changes course and smacks him right in the face.

Recently, Simmons decided to take yet another shot at NBC color analyst Cris Collingsworth, idly referencing a comment the dude made regarding Seattle and their offensive line:

Hmmm. Some playful snark.

Then the Collingsworth retort:

Oh, snap.

The Internet both giveth and taketh away.

Regrettably, the really tall former Bengals wideout almost immediately deleted the tweet, but not before delivering quite the cyber-blow to the fragile ego of Bill Simmons.

Sports announcers are subject to relentless scorn, but Collingsworth is really one of the best around. 

Now, Phil Simms is an entirely separate matter.

Meanwhile, Simmons is trying to recover from the unmitigated disaster that was his ill fated HBO vehicle.

If anyone's blinked recently, he or she may have missed Any Given Wednesday, but sadly, it is no more.

From all accounts, the stench was great.

Hopefully, these two dudes will spar again over something completely trivial real soon.