Buttgate II; Sanchez Shakin' his Money Maker

Published on 28-Jun-2013 by Coach

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Buttgate II; Sanchez Shakin' his Money Maker

With two NFL players being arrested for murder, leave it New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez to "lighten" the mood.

There is an alleged video of Sanchez doing some sort of backside gyration with two women in a video posted online. Lord only knows why this was actually posted online, especially after Sanchez's previous run in with posteriors.

According to no less of an authority on Sanchez, former NFL benchwarmer and sidekick Eric Ainge -- never one to shirk a camera or microphone himself -- the former USC Trojan wasn't even wearing one of those as he pranced around in the comfort of his own condo with a couple of comely guests. Nothing inherently wrong with that. It's a free country and all.

However, this free country also has a free press. Extremely free. And who's to say what's the press anymore? Social media has changed all that.

Add Sanchez to the list of notable folks who haven't figured it out yet.

Glad to see Marky-Mark is having a good time because it'll probably be the last one he has after he's benched for Geno Smith.