Aaron Rodgers and the Power of Prayer

Published on 9-Jan-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Aaron Rodgers and the Power of Prayer

Hail Mary passes in the NFL are called that for a very good reason.

These desperate prayers at the end of halves and games are so rarely answered.

However, Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers seems to have found some sort of loophole.

The Pack was up, 7-6, at the end of the first half against the Giants and had the ball around midfield.

Then, divinity intervened at Lambeau Field:

Can I have a witness?

The play seemed to completely demoralize the Giants, as they folded up the revival tents in the second half, ultimately losing 38-13.

As is true with every successful Hail Mary, this one really shouldn't have been completed.

The old knock it down' mantra, while cliché, is also how you stop this play, but somehow the ball cleared every single Giants player and found Randall Cobb in the back of the end zone.

Mr Discount Double-Check and Cobb certainly seem to be on the same page again, so that's good.

Of course, Rodgers is also apparently simpatico with the Lord, too, as he's been making a habit of completing these statistical vagaries on a fairly regular basis over the past few years.

Remember Detroit?

How about the playoffs in Arizona, like a month later?

It sounds like Cris Collingsworth was in the middle of a seizure while trying to describe the play, but that throw was crazy good.

The Pack is on fire at the moment, but they may need another one next week in Dallas.

The streets will run red with the blood of the non-believers.