Winston's Lawyer Expresses Concerns over Case

Published on 18-Nov-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Winston's Lawyer Expresses Concerns over Case

While Jameis Winston was ripping the Syracuse defense, his lawyer was ripping prosecuting attorneys for the State of Florida.

Tim Jenson was highly critical of state shyster Willie Meggs on his handling of this case to date. Jenson released this statement:

"We respect the immense power Mr Meggs has in his investigative process and pray that he will objectively analyze the facts as he finds them, refrain from further extrajudicial public comment, and take all necessary steps to ensure that this matter comes to a quick resolution."

"We are confident that if those steps are taken, this cloud will be lifted and Mr Winston will be fully exonerated of any wrongdoing."

When contacted by the Associated Press, Meggs replied: "I'm not going to respond to him."

But Mr Meggs, you sorta did. 

It doesn't help Winston's case that reports emerged this weekend about the Tallahassee Police Department apparently having information on this case on file but failing to turn it over to the district attorney's office until recently. 

That probably explains why Meggs is ticked by Jenson's statement. An 11-month gap from cop to courthouse is a tad tardy.

Still, there isn't a lot we actually know about  this case, other than there are allegations that we still haven't figured out. You know, receiving details like what, specifically, the accusations are.

All we really have is Meggs tossing out a teaser that would be right at home for any reality show that wants you to stay tuned. Where does a public official in the state justice department get off with a comment that "we are making interesting progress" in a banner-headline investigation?

If that's not pandering to the press, what is?

Meggs had that shot from Jenson coming.

Now, maybe everyone can get down to business and sort this thing out like professionals.

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