Will the Boom Be Lowed on Bama?

Published on 13-Sep-2013 by Chips 10

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Will the Boom Be Lowed on Bama?

So, the question is this: will there be a BCS champion for 2012?

That's a worst-case scenario, but it could happen if Alabama gets stripped of its title should allegations against former tackle DJ Fluker about receiving undue benefits are true.

Fluker, along with four other SEC players, has been accused of taking money from agents and financial advisors. If it's proven, the national championship the Crimson Tide won will be declared vacant.

Fluker, who is now in the NFL, received money from former Bama defensive end Luther Davis through the agents and advisors. How serious is this? Just the tone of Alabama coach Nick Saban's voice during his press conference last Monday showed his concern; he wouldn't even discuss it.

No wonder, with tweets like this floating around in cyberspace:

DJ Fluker tweet

For the record, though, Fluker denies he had anything to do with this tweet. If nothing else, his post facto disassociation has muddied the evidentiary waters, which may be all Alabama needs to evade any punitive action from the NCAA.

Tennessee, which had current player Maurice Couch listed, wasted no time and declared him ineligble for this weekend's game in Oregon.

Last week, it was Oklahoma State in the third-degree spotlight, what with alleged payouts, drugs, and sex with hostesses. Well, the glare faded, thanks to a more tittilating target like the NCAA's most powerful conference.

More and more people think these athletes should be paid and incidents like this would stop, but where is the logic in that? There will always always be agents and boosters dishing out more money to curry favor with recruits and keep the roster sweet.

And what about the free education each athlete gets along with free meals every day, laundry money, tutoring, and so forth?

There is no way these athletes should get any more money from the NCAA. Ask someone who's been on the dark side.

But for now, everyone will focus on Alabama because of its success. Saban will stay cranky no matter what, and if Johnny Football has a great day on Saturday and defeats the Tide again, he may be impossible to deal with.

So impossible that, if the worst happens to Alabama, he might just decide to pull up stakes.