Weis Recruiting Pitch Startles the Media

Published on 22-Jul-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Weis Recruiting Pitch Startles the Media

It's a good thing Kansas plays football in the Big 12, because if Kansas head coach Charlie Wesis played in the SEC, he'd be out of job for what he had to say about his own football team

Speaking at Big 12 Media Days, Wesis described how he gets recruits to come to his school.

"Have you looked at that pile of crap out there? Have you taken a look at that? So if you don’t think you can play here, where do you think you can play? It’s a pretty simple approach. And that’s not a sales pitch. That’s practical. You’ve seen it, right? Unfortunately, so have I.”

That's not a sales pitch? Really, Coach Weis?

If that doesn't sell you, or the 36-37 record and 1-11 record (including 0-9 in the Big 12) doesn't sell you, I don't know what will. 

If you were a Kansas football player, would you want to play for Weis after what he said about you?

And trust me, in SEC country, if a coach said that, he'd be in big trouble.

Even the Kentucky head football coach wouldn't able to get way with saying that, as bad as they are.

But let's pull back for a moment. Nobody goes off like Charlie did unless he's got an ulterior motive. This is probably him trying to be the Big 12 version of Steve Spurrier. Or Rich Brooks. Think about it:

  • The Gators sucked big time before Spurrier arrived in 1989. They hadn't won an SEC title in 57 years and when they tried to take shortcuts, they landed on probation twice in five years.
  • The Ducks were a poor to mediocre program for years when Brooks decided to look for a few under-the-radar players to build a foundation that would ultimately attract better talent ... and ultimately, better coaches.

Spurrier was a loose cannon from the moment he arrived in Gainesville. The only reason he had any leeway with his admins and alums was that Heisman Trophy sitting in his den, along with the fact that he was about the only bright spot in Florida's sparse history of success. The players and recruits took to his brashness, answered the call, and Florida has never really looked back.

Brooks was never one for outlandish comments, but his 'seek the sleepers' approach gained a foothold in Eugene, not only for players, but for the likes of obscure offensive coordinators out of lower-classification schools -- like, say, Chico State and New Hampshire -- and gradually attracted key players with specialized skill sets, eg- quick but smaller than traditional programs wanted.

So here comes Coach Weis to Kansas, taking a motivational role as an amped-up version of Lou Holtz. He used the candor of Spurrier and Brooks to draw a blue-chipper last season, and he thinks his stark assessment of the current Jayhawks will attract future Jayhawks who see a chance to step in and play right away.

Will it work?

Well, he's yet to show he can succeed as a head coach, himself, so if it doesn't, the next pile of crap they'll be describing in Kansas will be him.