Wazzu QB Talks Smack to Colorado State Coaches, then Learns the Meaning of Karma

Published on 22-Dec-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Wazzu QB Talks Smack to Colorado State Coaches, then Learns the Meaning of Karma

In all of college football, there is one school that has elevated the act of blowing a game that's been all but won into an art form.

Any team can merely choke. But only one can Coug It. And that team did it again.

How, one might ask, does Washington State hold a 45-30 lead with four minutes left in the New Mexico Bowl -- with the ball and a video review in its favor -- and manage to allow Colorado State to rack up 18 points in the time remaining, with the final three coming on a game-winning field goal at the gun?

Three straight fumbles on three straight plays had something to do with it.

Colorado State began the episode by scoring a touchdown that seemingly only meant something to the bookies. Still, they felt they had enough game time left to opt for a deep kickoff, so that's what they did. They were right:

  • With the Cougars driving and in position to run out the clock, QB Connor Halliday fumbles and the Rams recover;
  • But upon further review, Halliday's knee was down and the Cougs keep the ball, now realizing that protecting it is of the utmost importance;
  • So on the next play Halliday hands off to an experienced ball carrier, Jeremiah Laufasa, who promptly had it ripped from him by Rams linebacker Shaquil Barrett, which led to a Rams touchdown and two-point conversion;
  • Then, on the ensuing deep kickoff, returner Teondray Caldwell fumbled the ball in what would soon become chip-shot field goal range.

Now, that's a Coug It of epic proportions.

The Rams' exciting finish had to be even more gratifying by what had taken place earlier in the game when Halliday, who threw six touchdown passes, trash talked the Colorado State coaches after his first touchdown pass of the game:

Via SB Nation

I wonder if Halliday had anything else to say after the game? 

  • Price for tickets to New Mexico Bowl ... $100
  • Price for food ... $50.
  • Watching Washington State quarterback Connor Halliday's expression after his team blew a sure victory ... priceless.