UAB's Jerk Prez Reinstates Football Program

Published on 1-Jun-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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UAB's Jerk Prez Reinstates Football Program

Of the handful of people in the world who didn't get a stuffed envelope from career weasel Sepp Blatter and are still fans of his, none are cheering him more than Ray Watts.

If not for FIFA shenanigans dominating sports headlines, the University of Alabama at Birmingham president would be front and center as the week's biggest dilweed.

There's no way in hell the Blazer football program needed to be shut down last fall, and today's announcement confirms it.

He should choke on those words.

Harken back to early December. Watts was mealy-mouthed when he broke the news. Here's running back Ja'Won Arrington:

He was vague. He didn't show any emotion. Then he's gonna give us a bad excuse talking about you don't know what you don't know? What kind of answer is that? Explain to us. You can't even give us a clear, definite answer. All you can do is come in here and say you've supported us when you haven't.

Dude had reason to be vague. There were numbers out there that didn't support his decision. For example:

Co-founder of the UAB Football Foundation, Jimmy Filler, called Watt’s bluff ... saying that the school hadn’t sought funding from its boosters. Filler said that he and another chair member of the UAB Football Foundation had pledged $5million to the program, and, according to him, “we had only just begun.”

Without Blazer football getting in the way, Watts could spend his weekends elsewhere without having to explain himself:

Watts at SEC title game I

Watts at SEC title game II

Yes, the Crimson Tide happened to be playing in that one.

No wonder Watts needed bodyguards when he went to see the Blazers play in the Big Dance.

Now that order is in the process of being restored, dude needs to go. Maybe the dragon won't miss this time.

If that doesn't work, perhaps Blatter can find a place for him. Watts is a natural fit for FIFA administration.