Tired of the SEC? Beat the SEC

Published on 15-Oct-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Tired of the SEC? Beat the SEC

Living in SEC country, I hear all the time how the rest of the country is tired of the SEC.

Charles Davis of Fox Sports echoed that sentiment on the Tim Brando Show today. 

“I know that narrative's out there. I walked out of the stadium Saturday, Tim, with the idea that I don’t know if there is a team better than Oregon in the country."

“When you sit there and analyze it all, it’s real easy when a team’s been the front runner for a long time for all of us to search for the alternative.

“That’s what happens when you’re on the scene a long time. People are sick of the SEC. People are sick of Alabama, those who aren’t SEC affiliated."

I have a solution for Mr. Davis and the rest of the country who has SEC fatigue: Beat the SEC!

Every major conference except the Big Ten has had their shot over the years to beat the SEC, especially in the BCS Championship Game.

Texas, Oklahoma, Nôtre Dame, Oregon, and Florida State all had their shots at the SEC in the BCS title game. All have lost. The Sooners have had the privilege of having the most BCS title game losses at three; two of those three have come at the hands of an SEC team.

So when I hear OU head coach Bob Stoops complain about the SEC, all I have to do is point at his record in recent history against the conference, including a loss to Texas A&M this past January in the Cotton Bowl.

The SEC is dominant because a) they are good, and b) they beat the teams they're suppose to beat. Most of the teams I've mentioned, especially Oklahoma and Oregon, are always in contention for the national championship until they lose on a cold night in November to a team they're supposed to beat.

Has the SEC, especially Alabama, benefited over the years? Yes! But it's not their fault if the team's ahead of them don't get the job done. 

Rarely do you hear a good SEC team losing on a Saturday night to a bad SEC team. Another thing that helps the SEC is a lot of its teams are pretty damn good. Just check out of the AP Top 25. There are eight SEC teams ranked.

There are no off nights in the SEC. So when an Alabama, LSU, Florida or Auburn play in a BCS title game, they are well prepared for whatever that is thrown at them.

So, my advice for those with SEC fatigue is don't get mad; get better.