And Who Said the SEC Isn't the Best Conference in the Country?

Published on 13-Oct-2013 by Towner Park

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And Who Said the SEC Isn't the Best Conference in the Country?

For the last several years, there's been one thing clear about the SEC: It's by far the best conference in the country.

If there's been any argument against that statement, it's not coming from the college football voters.

Today, the SEC set a record for the most teams ranked in the Associated Press poll with eight teams. That's an incredible feat for a conference that constantly beats up on each other on a weekly basis. Alabama is by far the most dominant SEC team, but LSU, Georgia, Missouri, Texas A&M, South Carolina, Auburn and Florida aren't too far behind. Even the teams that aren't ranked remain competitive and usually devour non-conference opponents. There is obviously something in the water within the SEC that other conferences can't seem to get their envious hands on.

Since 2006, a representative from the SEC has not only made the BCS National Championship but won it and usually in a convincing fashion. The only actual close game I can remember is when Auburn beat Oregon by three points in 2010.

This new record has set a precedent for other conferences. If they aren't aware of how powerful the SEC is, they certainly should be now. The SEC has a gritty sense of control when it comes to their styles of play. Although each offense varies, each SEC team seems prepared week in and week out to play superior football. I think you can give most of the praise to the coaches as well as the coaching staffs who seem to never get any of the recognition for this accomplishment. If it weren't for the tireless effort and daily preparation, this conference wouldn't be as dominate as it is.

Although I'm an ACC fanatic, I commend the SEC for such a feat. I only wish my conference could one day duplicate such a record.

Congratulations to the Southern Eastern Conference. You've once again proved yourself worthy.