The Oregon Ducks Can Even Make April Fool's Day Garish

Published on 1-Apr-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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The Oregon Ducks Can Even Make April Fool's Day Garish

Versions of April Fool's Day have been around ever since Cro-Magnon Man told Neanderthal Man to pull his finger.

But when it got to England, the concept went into overdrive.

Ultimately, it culminated in the staid, trusted media ditching their cred for one day.

And none more staid and trusted than the BBC led the way:

Ever since, it's been advisable to check the calendar around this time of year before checking the headlines.

In 1985, none other than Sports Illustrated conspired with best-selling author to perpetrate the most famous sporting hoax of all time:

Dude was allegedly torn between a career in baseball and the eternal bliss that only playing a French horn can bring.

And Mets fans were crushed with the outcome, oblivious to the pinache until they could be oblivious no more.

Fast forward to contemporary times, when subtle stiletto thrusts have been obliterated by dullard hammer thuds.

Who else would lead the way but the college football program that should institute drug testing in its design department:

This is almost believable, coming from the crew that has yet to answer for its sins against mankind for unleashing hell on the visible spectrum.

Given the state of media these days, watch this gain legs on the fringe of reality for the foreseeable future, right up there with the Sasquatch and Elvis sightings.

Sidd Finch is needed now more than ever.