The Lane Kiffin Hostage Crisis

Published on 4-Feb-2017 by Raoul Duke

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The Lane Kiffin Hostage Crisis

Lane Kiffin is certainly no stranger to negative press, but this is just plain awkward.

Recently, in anticipation of National Signing Day, Florida Atlantic University released a supposed hype video for the football program starring the egomaniacal Lane Kiffin.

This is all perfectly normal, but the actual 30-second clip is a little unusual.

Bonus points for anyone who can get through this without cringing:

It's difficult not to feel somewhat sympathetic for the decidedly unsympathetic coach.

It kinda seems he was forced to do this against his will.

Kiffin addresses Owl Nation in a sober fashion while reading from a prepared script, his pleas for excitement contrasting sharply with his own demeanor.

This video raises many alarming questions.

Who knew there was an Owl Nation?

What exactly are the citizens of Owl Nation supposed to be excited about?

And finally, why is Kiffin being held captive in broad daylight?

For what it's worth, FAU is claiming the poor production quality and stilted delivery were all by design in an effort to create a buzz ... or a hoot, in this case.

Of course, if this claim is accurate, then why did Florida Atlantic remove the video from their Twitter account after the initial backlash?

So many unanswered questions.

What we do know is that the only accurate thing about it are the empty seats behind the well-traveled coach.

Those are without question a preview of the upcoming season for FAU.

Let's just hope and pray that the NCAA and Owl Nation can negotiate the safe return of Lane Kiffin.