Texas Coach Mocks A&M's Swagcopter

Published on 6-Feb-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Texas Coach Mocks A&M's Swagcopter

As we close the books on Sigining Day 2014, a couple of things stood out for me, especially one particular item.

First of all, as we mentioned, Texas A&M finished in the Top 10 in recruiting. What we didn't mention was that Texas finished 17th or 18th, depending on whose ranking is quoted.

For most schools, that would be great. But not when your state rival finishes 'way ahead of you and when schools like Kentucky and Ole Miss -- who aren't exactly football powerhouses -- are also higher than you.

One reason A&M won the recruiting war in the state of Texas was apparently because of a swagged-out helicopter that Aggie coaches used to attract recruits.

Aggie helicopter

Now, A&M isn't the first school to use 'gadgets' to attract student-athletes. Auburn got in trouble with the NCAA a few years ago under Gene Chizik when its coaches would use limos to visit different high schools.

Nick Saban wowed football players by traveling in helicopters, too. But not all coaches are down with this part of recruiting. One in particular is new Texas head coach Charlie Strong, who was not impressed with Kevin Sumlin and Texas A&M's new toys.

"The university speaks for itself," said Strong. "We don't need gadgets. We're not going to be a gadget program."

To a certain extent, Strong is right. But in his situation, where your program is now behind the eight ball -- as it isn't the destination for football recruits in the Lone Star State at the moment -- don't you think you need to use a few tricks to attract recruits until you get yourself firmly established with both the athletes and the alumni?

Texas has the money to do what the Aggies have done or are doing. Hell, Texas has the money to buy a fleet of choppers with dosh left over to pick up a Stealth bomber or two, so my suggestion to Coach Strong is to get with the program or continue to struggle.