Texas A&M AD Takes Shot at Bama

Published on 14-Jun-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Texas A&M AD Takes Shot at Bama

The list of people taking shots at Nick Saban or Alabama is growing by the day.

We've already had a head coach smack it and an assistant coach call Saban the "devil" before the season even starts, and now we have the athletic director of Texas A&M zinging one towards the Tide.

A&M AD Eric Hyman flung a little dirt the Tide's way last night at a TAMU function when he said this:

"What does the moon and Texas A&M have in common? We control the Tide."

Cute joke.

Problem is, the Aggies still have to play the Tide several times in the future, and they have only won once against Saban.

It's probably not a good idea to twerk the nose of the national champions who have spent most of their offseason trying to figure out how to stop your best player.

But Saban and the Tide should be used to this by now. They are the kings of the mountain, so everyone's going to take a run at them. What's unusual this time around is the spew is getting serious circulation.

A&M got the braggart's rights last season. They were the only team to do so. But unfortunately for them, elephants never forget.