Sumlin Was First Choice the Eagles Job

Published on 13-Jun-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Sumlin Was First Choice the Eagles Job

Former Oregon head coach Chip Kelly was not the Philadelphia Eagles' first choice as their new head coach

Reports are emerging they first targeted Kevin Sumlin of Texas A&M.

In fact, a lot of teams wanted Sumlin as their head coach, especially one team in particular in the state of Alabama that is not located in the city of Tuscaloosa.

Apparently, Auburn offered Sumlin their head coaching job. Can you imagine that? Auburn landing the guy who beat Saban last year? How big of a story and shock would that have been?

But back to the Eagles for a minute. When asked about his becoming a coach in the NFL, Sumlin said this:

 "Everybody knows what I do (now). I've never coached in the NFL. I've had plenty of opportunities to do that, both as an assistant coach and even as a head coach. But there's a reason I coach college football, and we've got a lot of work to do here."

Yeah, and his name is Johnny Manziel. If you are Sumlin, why would you leave your Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback and 11-2 team for the mess that is the Eagles?

Plus, there is always a possibility of him landing another NFC East job in the future. Think Dallas Cowboys.

Jerry Jones could save his legacy as owner of the Cowboys by not only hiring the first African-American head coach of what used to be America's Team, but by pipe-dreaming beyond that. What if Sumlin decides to draft Manziel as well?

Cowboy fans' mouths would be watering at that idea.

One thing's for sure, if A&M has the year they are expecting to have or even equal last year's success, Sumlin won't be in College Station for long.