Sark Unfiltered: A Budding Pitchman in These Candid Times

Published on 26-Aug-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Sark Unfiltered: A Budding Pitchman in These Candid Times

Dude's a recruiting genius.

If Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have taught the nation's observers anything, it's that the USA has left PC in the dust.

Or rabble. Or whatever.

USC's Steve Sarkisian may not know his constituents, but he knows his crowd.

The Trojan football coach just forgot where he was for a moment ...

... which was obviously in front of this crowd:

Besides, after a few sodas while safely ensconced within the bowels of Troy, a banquet room can look a lot like a locker room. And what else would right-minded, Traveler-fearing Trojans say while showering or whatever -- right, Donald? -- but this:

Sarkisian rant tweet

Clearly, dude didn't learn anything from Mitt Romney at private gatherings.

So now Sark's gotta go down Redemption Road to cover his patootie -- and his salary -- by playing those reliable ol' booze-&-meds cards.

Not even Tiger's gonna fall for that one.

But get real, here. All Sark's gotta do is beat those teams that suck this season, then toss in a playoff win or two, and all will be forgiven.

And if that happens, there's a company out there who would love to hire him as a celebrity spokesman:

Are these great times for everything but details -- right, Donald and Bernie? -- or what!