Rumor: ACC to Make Major Changes to Football Championship Game

Published on 16-Jan-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Rumor: ACC to Make Major Changes to Football Championship Game

The ACC may be planning to change its football championship format.

The conference currently decides its titlist by pairing the two division winners. This year, it was Duke and Florida State.

The only thing worse than that blowout of a bust was the college football world expect it to be a blowout of a bust. It didn't help ratings or ticket sales, which rippled all the way to the conference's bottom line.

What's the solution? According to ACC commissioner Jim Swofford, instead of divisional winners playing for it all, he's suggesting the two best teams should slug it out. This past season, that would have meant a FSU-Clemson rematch.

Still, the Seminoles already played Clemson earlier in the year and blew them out, too.

Swofford's concern is the ACC may have a hard time fielding one of the four teams in the playoffs next year. Yes, the ACC performed decently in the bowl season, but it's still a small sample size.

His brainstorm could be a tough sell. For example, if I'm a Duke football fan, I'd be upset because the term two best teams is perception based, which is bad enough in the weekly polls. It virtually guarantees teams like the Blue Devils wouldn't make the championship game very often, even though they deserve to be there.

So maybe the commish should just encourage his teams to get better.