Report: Alabama May Play in Ireland

Published on 10-Jul-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Report: Alabama May Play in Ireland

Irish news organization The Score is reporting that Alabama may be interested in playing in playing a football game there.

Last year, Notre Dame moved their traditional game with Navy to the Emerald Isle, which was a big hit with the Irish. Not because the Irish cared for gridiron football -- they're actually bemused by all that padding and all the stoppages -- but because it drew around 35,000 free-spending American tourists to their country.

Ireland is reportedly interested in hosting more games. They're not only looking at the Tide, but at the Irish again, Penn State and Central Florida. Yes, Central Florida.

I get  the interest in the Tide, Nittany Lions and the Irish, but UCF?

Face it. The sporting public in Ireland doesn't know Central Florida from Central Park.

According to reports, Penn State and UCF are set to announce their game over there this Sun 14 Jul, so that's set in stone. However, the game itself might be some years down the road. 

Alabama has already dominated on this continent, so they need a challenge because -- let's be honest -- Bama has already dominated Penn State and Notre Dame over the past few years, so seeing a rematch in Ireland would be a bore, even to the Americans who venture there to watch it.

So if college football is merely a tourist gimmick in Ireland, what do they like to watch over there? Here's a quick list:

No wonder they think American players wear too much padding!

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