Rapper LiL Boosie Asks LSU Recruits to Stop Going to Bama

Published on 12-Mar-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Rapper LiL Boosie Asks LSU Recruits to Stop Going to Bama

In the This Has Got to Be One of the Strangest Stories I've Ever Written category, rapper LiL Boosie, who just got out prison the other day, took time out of his busy schedule to make this public service announcement to Louisiana recruits:

Please stop going to Alabama.

OK, in case you have a short memory and/or need to ask, here's the answer:


Boosie is just a little upset that his home state recruits are going to play for Nick Saban. 

"First, I want to talk to all the kids in high schools, all the stars. Go on and come to Baton Rouge, man. Go on and put on that yellow jersey, man. Y'all keep putting on that red and white ... Nick Saban getting all of our recruits. We ain't getting all the recruits like we used to; that's shaking up the scene. We need to bring back the No 1 players and get it back together, man."

Isn't that touching? You would think Boosie would speak about the evils of jail, staying clean, and God knows what else, but obviously this message is more important.

 "We need a championship ... I'm tired of Nick Saban. I used to love Nick Saban. I don't know what he does on the recruiting side. He's the truth. I don't know what he's telling them people ... I don't know what it is but we need to get them recruits out of our house."

I'm sure LSU head coach Les Miles is grateful for Boosie's message, since apparently, the speeches he gives to recruits doesn't work with all of them.

Maybe Boosie shoulda been looking for talent during his stay at the pleasure of the state. Surely, he could out-recruit Adam Sandler:

Maybe now LSU has a new message for 2014:

Don't go to Bama 'cause Boosie said so.