OU Coach Blasts Saban and SEC Again

Published on 23-Jul-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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OU Coach Blasts Saban and SEC Again

Well, someone seems to have a spur in his side.

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops is apparently still upset that no one took his team's Sugar Bowl victory over Alabama seriously.

Seven months after the fact, Stoops still feels the need to defend his team's upset of the Tide because, quite frankly, many saw it as a fluke. That's not sitting well with the Sooner poobah.

Nick Saban bushed off the loss by saying that it was hard for his team to get ready for a consolation game.

That comment really ticked Stoops off.

Didn’t look like it in the first series. They looked ready to play. Everyone thought they would rout us. So if I’m not in a national championship game, that means I’ve got a built-in excuse

The Stoopmeister also took a shot at Texas A&M's schedule.

Guess he thinks the Aggies are going too SEC-mode with non-cons like Lamar, Rice, SMU, and UL-Monroe. OK, we'll give him that one.

But on the other side of the coin, Coach, we also get that you're upset that the SEC is snubbing you. Just let it go, dude.

Your team beat the then-defending national champions soundly, so you have nothing to explain or apologize for at all.

Here, we've got an extra-long clip of that day, just for you. It even sets the stage better than a Batman movie:

That oughta put a tear in your eye.

Now, instead of sounding bitter and childish, move on. You're a great coach who has a great program that has nothing to prove. Not until your next big game, anyway.

But if you keep on taking like a jilted lover, no one's gonna take you seriously. Win your games, keep your mouth shut, and keep it moving. 

No one likes a sore winner.