Oregon Ducks Building a National Power

Published on 9-Jul-2013 by Coach

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Oregon Ducks Building a National Power

In 1994, the Oregon Ducks shocked the Pac-10 by winning the conference and playing the in the Rose Bowl.

But it took them seven more years to win a BCS game, beating the Colorado Buff's in the Fiesta Bowl and climbing up the rankings all the way to No 2 in the final standings. And then the Chip Kelly era took the Pac-10/12 by storm, dominating the conference from that point onward.

Kelly may be gone, but his system is still there. And so, frankly, is Nike poobah Phil Knight and his open checkbook.

Oregon is looking to maintain its sucess by building the Death Star of athletic facilities.

This $68million masterpiece is expected to help carry on the national prominence of the Ducks' football program. To Oregon fans, $68million might be worth a National Championship, or two, or three.

Now that they've dodged an NCAA bullet -- and who knows what went on in the backrooms to get that deal -- it's nothing but full steam ahead for the Quackers' football program. And in Eugene, that means vapor trails. Oregon remains one of the fastest teams in the country.

They still need to find a way to counter Stanford's physicality -- and that of any SEC team they might meet in the post-season -- but if Oregon can do anything well, it's adapt.

It how well their opponents adapt to them that may decide their fate when bowl season rolls around.