Notre Dame Recruit Flushes Alabama Recruiting Letters ... Literally

Published on 5-Jun-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Notre Dame Recruit Flushes Alabama Recruiting Letters ... Literally

College football recruiting is getting as big as the NFL Draft.

It's so big that countless high school athletes have been calling news conferences for years, just to announce where they are headed.

But this takes the cake.

Notre Dame recruit Elijah Hood, a four-star running back from North Carolina, has devolved the hype to a new nadir. Instead of calling Nick Saban at Alabama to let him know of his committment to Notre Dame, he decided to flush his letters from the Tide down the toilet, film himself doing it, and post it on YouTube.

Sounds like a bright kid, right?

Hood tried to apologize for his Roll Toilet video, but it was too late. Once the media got hold of it, the clip went viral, which didn't make Hood -- or Notre Dame, for that matter -- look good.

Irish head coach Brian Kelly should be used to this kind of embarrassment by now after dealing with the Manti Te'o situation, for example. But you've got to admit, what Hood did was kind of funny.

But smart? No.

Which may explain why he didn't end up in Tuscaloosa.