Meyer Turns in Gators for Secondary Violations

Published on 3-Jul-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Meyer Turns in Gators for Secondary Violations

You would think that Urban Meyer had enough on this plate this summer with him preparing for a new football season and all.

Like with responding to questions surrounding him and his treatment of Aaron Hernandez while he was at Florida.

But not good ole Urban.

No, the former Florida Gators head coach has apparently decided to play NCAA investigator as well. ESPN is reporting that the Ohio State coach turned in Will Muschamp and his coaching staff for a violation of the 'bump' rule.

The bump rule is basically recruiting a player during the offseason, otherwise known as the Nick Saban rule. Suffice it to say it's a no-no.

Meyer told a Florida newspaper that this rumor was "absolutely not true."

Yeah, right. According to sources close to the situation, he knew. Shocker huh? You don't think there is any bad blood, do you, between Meyer and his former school?

It seems that the media and Florida fans seem to rave about how Muschamp runs the program now, compared to when Urban was there, and that must burn him up.

What better way to get back at the Gators than to claim that they were cheating to get a recruit?

By the way, the SEC investigated and found no violation had taken place.

No shocker there, either.