Mark May Blasts Florida Assistant Who Called Saban the Devil

Published on 16-May-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Mark May Blasts Florida Assistant Who Called Saban the Devil

ESPN college football commentator Mark May has garnered a new set of college football fans who will hate his guts this season.

Florida Gators.

May went off on Florida assistant coach Tim Davis about his comments regarding Nick Saban.

If you read May's comments, you'll wonder if he is Nick Saban's agent. Here is what May said about Davis.

"I don't know Tim Davis, but my opinion, he's a classless backstabbing coward," May said on ESPN. "You're talking about a guy in Nick Saban that gave you an opportunity to coach. He gave you an opportunity to move up the coaching ranks, so you could support your family, put food on the table, clothes on their backs. Not for one year. He gave you the opportunity for three years on his staff.

"If you have a problem with Nick Saban, pick up the phone, put your big-boy pants on and man up and say 'Coach, I got a problem with you and here's why.' You don't go out in front of some group of friendly fans out there and say that about Nick Saban, a guy that gave you an opportunity to be a coach."

Damn, you think Mark was mad? I get his point to a certain extent because despite what coaches, fans, or even the media say about him, Nick Saban, for the most part, doesn't utter a word, especially when someone spouts something nasty about him. Frankly, that's how you are suppose to handle it if you're a public figure representing an institution of higher learning.

What probably irritates Saban more is having to spend time answering his detractors when he'd rather just talk about football.

But you can be sure Saban had a small smirk on his face after he read May's comments.