Mack Brown's Last Chance Saloon: A Double Shot of Uptempo O

Published on 23-Feb-2013 by Coach

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Mack Brown's Last Chance Saloon: A Double Shot of  Uptempo O

It looks like Mack Brown is starting to realize that the game is about to pass him by. So, naturally, he wants to play catch up as Texas will be going to the hurry-up offense for the 2013 season, according to multiple sources.

While this seems to be the in vogue thing to do, Texas does not have the overall talent to accomplish such a feat. The hurry-up is not necesarily about playmakers (although those would help). No, this offense is about conditioning and tempo. In the third quarter, the opposing teams should be heaving with their hands on their knees begging you to stop. To simply implement the concept cannot take one offseason, and the fact that it's Texas hurts.

Why? Name one Longhorn offensive lineman in the NFL right now.

Can't? That's because their strength and conditioning is one of the worst programs, considering that it's Texas, which has a gold mine of a booster system and a well-stocked weight room. If the 'Horns have trouble training and preparing in a regular offensive scheme, think about how hard it's going to be to run the uptempo offense teams like Oregon, Clemson and West Virginia do.

And if you noticed another thing teams like those three had in common, it's the fact that they are in three and four wide-reciever sets. Texas would be more adept at running the wishbone with the number of five-star runningbacks on roster.

This is clearly a sign that Longhorn boosters have had enough of Brown, who hasn't done anything of significance since going to the National Championship Game after the 2005 campaign and losing to The Nictator.

If the uptempo plan doesn't work, then the next Longhorn to be doing something of significance will be DeLoss Dodds.